Mackenzie's Pub Rebrand

A step-by-step process on how I created a mock rebrand of Mackenzie's Pub, a local brewery in Beaumont, Texas. **This project is not affiliated with the company.

First, I created a new logo.

I wanted to add a more contemporary and bold spin on this logo, so I completely changed the font, but I incorporated the four leaf clover to nod to the original design.

Old Logo -

New Logo -

While creating the logo, I also created a color palette for the mock website and merchandise.

Color Palette -

Now that the new logo and color scheme was established, I wanted to give an overhaul to their website. However, I could not decide which version I preferred, so they are both below.

Here is the old -

New mockup websites -

The website finished, I wanted to update their menu as well.

To-Go Menu -

Social Media Graphics -

New T-Shirt Design -

And lastly, a mockup of how a decal of the logo will look on the front window.